Hitech Flash File Firmware For All Model (Stock ROM)

Download Hitech Firmware Flash File For All Model, Official Latest Firmware File. Here are links to the latest flash files for all models of Hitech. Which you can download with one click, flash file, as well as the flash tool and Hitech USB driver, is also present. Which is given in the flash file folder. Here how to flash the Hitech phone flash from a flash file is also given in all the links. The method of how to use Flashtool is very easily explained.

Hitech Smartphone Firmware List

Hitech ModelFile Link
Hitech A1iDownload
Hitech A1i ReloadedDownload
Hitech A3Download
Hitech A3i PlusDownload
Hitech A6Download
Hitech Air A1Download
Hitech Air A10Download
Hitech Air A2Download
Hitech Air A3 StarDownload
Hitech Air A3iDownload
Hitech Air A4Download
Hitech Air A5Download
Hitech Air A6iDownload
Hitech Air A7Download
Hitech Air A8Download
Hitech Air A8 MaxDownload
Hitech Air A9 4G Download
Hitech Air A9 MiniDownload
Hitech Amaze S1Download
Hitech Amaze S2Download
Hitech Amaze S24GDownload
Hitech Amaze S3Download
Hitech Amaze S300I PlusDownload
Hitech Amaze S305 StarDownload
Hitech Amaze S310Download
Hitech Amaze S405 StarDownload
Hitech Amaze S406Download
Hitech Amaze S411Download
Hitech Amaze S430Download
Hitech Amaze S430 PlusDownload
Hitech Amaze S5Download
Hitech Amaze S5 4GDownload
Hitech Amaze S5 PlusDownload
Hitech Amaze S6Download
Hitech Amaze S6 4GDownload
Hitech Amaze S6 PlusDownload
Hitech Amaze S9Download
Hitech Amaze Tab 3Download
Hitech Amaze Tab V500Download
Hitech HT808Download
Hitech S200Download
Hitech S200 3GDownload
Hitech S210Download
Hitech S230Download
Hitech S250Download
Hitech S300 3GDownload
Hitech S305Download
Hitech S306Download
Hitech S315Download
Hitech S330Download
Hitech S400Download
Hitech S405Download
Hitech S410Download
Hitech S450 Download
Hitech S500Download
Hitech S550 Download
Hitech Blaze TabDownload
Hitech S100 Download
Hitech S300i Download
Hitech S800Download

Hitech Feature Phone (Keypad) Firmware List

Hitech ModelFile Link
Hitech F1 StyleDownload
Hitech F2 RiderDownload
Hitech F2IDownload
Hitech F3Download
Hitech F5Download
Hitech G2Download
Hitech G3 MagicDownload
Hitech G3I PlusDownload
Hitech G3i RocketDownload
Hitech G4 ShineDownload
Hitech G4IDownload
Hitech G5Download
Hitech G9Download
Hitech G10Download
Hitech G11Download
Hitech G15 StarDownload
Hitech G15Download
Hitech G20Download
Hitech G25Download
Hitech G100Download
Hitech H1 RacerDownload
Hitech H2i (V.09)Download
Hitech H2i (V1.0)Download
Hitech H3 ForceDownload
Hitech HT51 QuteDownload
Hitech HT101 X FactorDownload
Hitech HT111Download
Hitech HT404 PassionDownload
Hitech HT505 GeniusDownload
Hitech HT555 VisionDownload
Hitech HT606Download
Hitech HT606i SensationDownload
Hitech HT666Download
Hitech HT707Download
Hitech HT777 BravoDownload
Hitech HT800Download
Hitech HT810 YouthDownload
Hitech HT810IDownload
Hitech HT820Download
Hitech HT830Download
Hitech HT850Download
Hitech HT880Download
Hitech HT885Download
Hitech HT888Download
Hitech HT890Download
Hitech HT895Download
Hitech HT909Download
Hitech HT999iDownload
Hitech HT3600 ToofanDownload
Hitech HT3600i Download
Hitech HT4000iDownload
Hitech HT5000Download
Hitech HT5000i Booster PlusDownload
Hitech HT5100Download
Hitech HT5200 HeroDownload
Hitech HT5310Download
Hitech HT6000 DiscoDownload
Hitech HT6610Download
Hitech HT6610iDownload
Hitech HTi9 PearlDownload
Hitech Kick 505Download
Hitech Kick 515Download
Hitech Kick 525Download
Hitech Kick 535Download
Hitech Kick 540Download
Hitech Kick 545Download
Hitech Kick 550 UnityDownload
Hitech Kick 555Download
Hitech Kick 565Download
Hitech Micra 100Download
Hitech Micra 101Download
Hitech Micra 105Download
Hitech Micra 110 StarDownload
Hitech Micra 111Download
Hitech Micra 115 StarDownload
Hitech Micra 120Download
Hitech Micra 135 ForceDownload
Hitech Micra 135Download
Hitech Micra 140Download
Hitech Micra 150Download
Hitech Micra X101Download
Hitech Pride 302Download
Hitech Pride 313Download
Hitech Pride 320Download
Hitech Pride 321Download
Hitech Pride 325Download
Hitech Pride 330Download
Hitech Pride 330 StarDownload
Hitech Pride 333Download
Hitech Pride 335 UnityDownload
Hitech Pride 345 PlusDownload
Hitech Pride 345Download
Hitech Pride 350Download
Hitech Pride 350i Download
Hitech Pride 351Download
Hitech Pride 369Download
Hitech Pride 370Download
Hitech Pride 372Download
Hitech Pride 375Download
Hitech Pride 666 PlusDownload
Hitech Pride 666 Plus (v06)Download
Hitech X OneDownload
Hitech X1Download
Hitech X2Download
Hitech X5 StarDownload
Hitech X9 SuperDownload
Hitech X9i Super StarDownload
Hitech X10Download
Hitech X100Download
Hitech X100 TinyDownload
Hitech X101Download
Hitech X105Download
Hitech X999Download
Hitech Xplay 200Download
Hitech Xplay 200 SelfieCamDownload
Hitech Xplay 200 StarDownload
Hitech Xplay 201Download
Hitech Xplay 201iDownload
Hitech Xplay 205Download
Hitech Xplay 206Download
Hitech Xplay 210Download
Hitech Xplay 215Download
Hitech Xplay 220Download
Hitech Xplay 222 StarDownload
Hitech Xplay 245Download
Hitech Xplay 250Download
Hitech Xplay G3I PlusDownload
Hitech Yuva Y1Download
Hitech Yuva Y1sDownload
Hitech Yuva Y2Download
Hitech Yuva Y3Download
Hitech Yuva Y4Download
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