Redmi 7a EDL Point (Test Point) For Unlock & Flashing

Here is the Redmi 7a EDL Point, or where it is also known as the Test Point. When there is any problem with the mobile phone such as phone hang, dead, phone lock, FRP lock, then all these problems can be fixed by installing or flashing the software in the phone. Flash or software can be installed on mobile devices only by computer. The device is connected via USB to connect to the computer. But mobile devices without EDL points will not be able to connect. That’s why we bring the phone to download mode by sorting the EDL point.

redmi 7a edl point
redmi 7a edl point

To connect the Redmi 7a to a computer/laptop, the phone is put into download EDL 9008 mode. To download this model of Xiaomi, we need EDL Point (test point).

How to Find and Connect Redmi 7a Test Point:

  • Securely open the back panel of the phone.
  • remove phone battery.
  • Finding and sorting the points on the mobile device’s motherboard in the image above.
  • then connect usb data cable with phone.

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